lumea mea, si-a altora.

Good job Trudeau, you just rewrote the history of ass kissing ( ai dat cu mucii in fasole)


Fidel Castro is dead. I will not say “Rest in peace” because I prefer to say rest in peace for all his  victims and the victims of his regime.  I would use the chance to promote some people that knows more history than Trudeau:

(collection from popular hashtag #trudeaueulogies )

  1.  Let us remember Jack the Ripper as a great benefactor who worked tirelessly to get female prostitutes off the streets.
  2. Osama Bin Laden was certainly a controversial figure, but his contribution to airport security is unparalleled
  3. With this, Canadians have forfeited all rights to mock or deride President Trump.
  4. Against all odds, Charles Manson not only kept his family together, he made sure they achieved most of their squad goals
  5. “Today we mourn painter and animal rights activist, Adolf Hitler. His death also highlights the need for suicide awareness”
  6. Today we say goodbye to Mr. Mussolini, the former Italian prime minister best known for his competent train-management.”
  7. Vlad the Impaler, a leader who, in the face of adversity, showed us all how to really stick to it
  8. through his innovations in bio-chemistry, logistics and agriculture, Pablo Escobar revolutionized his field. May he RIP.
  9. Adolf Hitler provided shelter to thousands of Jewish people and for that, we will remember him fondly
  10. Adolf Hitler will always be remembered for providing low cost housing to the Jewish community while trying to unite Europe
  11. Ceausescu, more than any other Romanian leader, taught his people to appreciate the true value of food, fuel and shelter.
  12. As a Romanian I remember President Ceausescu as a champion in the fight against obesity and public transportation advocate
  13. While not universally liked, Mr. Ceausescu was a top leader in anti-obesity reform, urban planning and affordable childcare
  14. Let us fondly remember Dr. Ceausescu and the great strides he made in promoting the use of marble as a building material
  15. Let’s all remember Nicolae Ceausescu, a persistent leader in changing food habits. Any food habits.
  16. Mr. Stalin‘s greatest achievement was his eradication of obesity in the Ukraine through innovative agricultural reforms
  17. Today we mourn the death of Stalin, a man who helped greatly decrease Russia’s obesity rate
  18. Today we mourn the passing of Darth Vader.He led a life devoted to the dark side, crushing the rebels,& no disintegrations
  19. If nothing else can be said for Hannibal Lecter, at least he had great taste in people.
  20. We mourns the passing of Hannibal Lecter a dedicated chef and socialite who was always willing to have friends for dinner
  21. While a controversial figure, Mobutu Sese Seko was a shrewd investor who greatly helped the Swiss banking sector.
  22. Mao was a brilliant revolutionary who saved millions from long-term starvation by efficiently sending them to mass graves
  23. Today we honor Pablo Escabar, a true small business man and unlicensed pharmacist
  24. Today Canada mourns the election of Justin Trudeau, an International Buffoon & Foot-in-Mouth Icon
  25. We mourn the death of Vlad the Impaler, who spearheaded initiatives which touched the hearts of millions
  26. We mourn the loss of Judas Iscariot. Remember his ambition & business acumen. Nothing got in his way. Not even friends
  27. As we mourn Emperor Caligula, let us always remember his steadfast devotion to Senate reform and respect for horses
  28. Nero soaked Christians in oil and set them ablaze. But he also limited the need for lights and kept the religious warm.
  29. It’s with a heavy heart I say goodbye to the black plague. Thank you for teaching us to wash our hands, old friend
  30. Saddam Hussein, a stabilizing influence in Iraqi politics, he loved to vacation in Kuwait & was proud of his sons hobbies
  31. Today we bid farewell to Genghis Khan, the former Mongolian leader best known for opening new trade routes to China


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8 thoughts on “Good job Trudeau, you just rewrote the history of ass kissing ( ai dat cu mucii in fasole)

  1. Chiar am vazut la tv bucuria celor plecati din Cuba si “tristetea” celor ramasi care tineau doliu.
    Tristetea aceea imi aminteste de plansetele celor din Coreea de Nord cand a murit tatal actualului conducator acum 1 sau 2 ani parca.
    Cred ca si cei din Cuba au fost constransi sa reactioneze asa…
    Pacat de oameni,pentru ca libertate trebuie sa avem cu totii…
    O zi frumoasa!
    Articolul a fost chiar amuzant la anumite puncte 😀

  2. Vom avea de-a face în curând şi cu înţelepciunile lui Donald Trump. Sper să fie şi ele apreciate într-un cadru pe potrivă.

  3. Ia uite ce zice Mme Royal, ministra si fosta concubina(sau cum sa zic?) a lui Hollande : «C’est un monument de l’histoire, d’abord, Fidel Castro» et «c’est le symbole d’une amitié très profonde entre Cuba et la France», a-t-elle déclaré à des journalistes français peu après son arrivée à Cuba où elle devait assister à une cérémonie d’hommage au «Comandante», puis à ses funérailles qui débuteront en cercle plus réduit dimanche à 13h.

  4. Masele plâng ușor… La fel au plâns când au fost asasinați Kennedy și John Lennon…

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