lumea mea, si-a altora.

Teoria albinelor – abordare britanica

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The bees?

Are they German?
The Greek bees have no honey left.
The German bees have lots, but will only give if ALL RULES are obeyed.

The Russian bees just take what they want from their neighbours, but when quizzed by the German bees, they just say it was not them and the German bees go away confused, because no one could break the RULES.

The English, French and US bees just carry on and hope it will not affect them. The Portuguese, Italian, Irish and Spanish bees no nothing and think they have enough honey for now.
The Romanian bees are noisy. Working haotically, a lot, and make a lot of noise. To be able to live toghether they need some alcohol 🙂  .

Only  Vitor Rodrigues is confused with this bees theory !!!

P.S. E fain sa am colegi englezi, portughezi, indieni. Toti sunt clienti la mierea lui Nea Ticu.


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